The Kingdom Kids are an active and buzzing group of kids ranging from 2 to 16 years of age. Children need a lot of love, attention, activities and nurturing to develop in all areas of their life.

Every child is a gift from God.

The dedicated volunteers in Kingdom Kids help to bring out the various gifts, talents and potentials that are in them to the fullest level possible. They also help the kids to learn about the love of the Lord Jesus and His teachings and help them to get closer to him.

The best part is, all these are done through activities like arts and crafts, interactive teachings, sing songs, dramas, video times, quizzes and many more fun filled activities. So when the parents are listening to the sermon, the kids have their time of fun and learning. The volunteers work alongside the parents as well because a small help to any parent goes a long way in the development of a child.

We welcome all of you to join us and can assure you that your children will have a great time with the kingdom kids! Every child is special in the eyes of the Lord and don’t let your child miss out! Come along and have fun.

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