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ECM HELPING HANDS is a initiative started in the year 2012 by Emmanuel Christian Ministries. The mission is to form a bridge between the local community and the church and to empower potential women and youth to be useful citizen around their community. ECM’s 15 years of experience in serving among ethnic minority communities, mainly Indian, Sri Lankan and Local communities in Glasgow has enabled us to offer the best possible service so far.

Venue - Cafe Connect, 348 Cathedral Street Glasgow G1 2BQ


Every Wednesdays - 5pm to 7pm. 

We understand many individuals and families are passing through tough times for a variety of reasons. People sometimes need a helping hand and we are here to help. A crisis in life, losing a job, benefit cut, recovering from an illness,—life’s problems are many—big and small. But it is nearly impossible to get through them when you are hungry!! Our food bank aims not only to deal with this most basic human need—food, but also to support you as much as we can, through the crisis!!! Our services are for people who are experiencing hardships, maybe due to a sudden change in their circumstances. Families and individuals will be offered help to ease their situation. This Food Bank is run by a team of volunteers who are dedicated to helping you!! 


Every Wednesdays - 4:30pm to 7pm.

- Providing Spoken English classes for women from ethnic minority groups predominantly tamil speaking women.

- Help them to speak and read English by explaining in their own language. 


Every Wednesdays - 4:30pm to 7pm. 

- Provide educational support to young adults and children by helping them in their home works.

- Teach students their school subjects which includes Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology & Computing and coaching them for exams, by explaining in their own language.

- Teach students to speak, read and write in English especially from ethnic minority communities.

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