A woman is a daughter, wife, mother, sister and so on, in a family. Today, because of all the changing trends, women have taken up a lot of responsibilities in terms of family, work and ministry. Women’s ministry is essential because a woman can better understand another woman.

Our aim is to encourage, empower, develop and support women regardless of their faith and background.

We care, encourage, listen and support each other, taking away the sense of loneliness and giving a hope that comes through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and through fellowship with other women.

Prayer is our backbone and we support each other with fervent prayers and meet regularly for prayer but not just that, we also provide practical helps in times of need.
We also have our times of relaxation, fun and learning through various activities like spa sessions, exercises, cookery classes, meditation, teaching sessions, discussions and so on.

We provide an atmosphere for women to recognise, develop and fulfil their gifts, talents and abilities. Come join us and be blessed!

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